Griffith Group Executive Search Celebrates its 2nd Anniversary

Griffith Group Executive Search Celebrates its 2nd Anniversary

Thank you so much to everyone who has and continues to support us. Since our founding, we’ve seen tremendous growth. Our team has grown to new heights – filled with professionals whose career paths span from executive search, to human resources, to academia and education technology, to not-for-profit and fundraising work, to private sector sales and operations. We feel privileged to have our collective experiences driving our client services and internal operations.

In the last two years, we have continued to increase our capacity for executive search engagements, while prioritizing partnerships with equity-centered organizations and institutions. We continue to question and break the boundaries of how executive search firms recognize talent and ensure that all processes are bias- and barrier-free. With intentional partnerships with organizations and institutions with similar commitments, Griffith Group’s impact is not only ensuring I-EDIA remains fundamental to our work, but it also means changing the very nature of senior leadership itself. While inclusion for us is indeed about representation, it is also very much about changing the way things “have been done” by prioritizing the way they could be, if given the chance, imagination, and opportunity. We are grateful to continue this work in disrupting the recruitment industry.

As we celebrate our second anniversary, we also want to offer so much gratitude and appreciation to our Griffith Group Advisory Council, Kim Carlin, Thompson Egbo-Egbo, Sunil Hirjee, Geoff Roberts, Allison Sandmeyer-Graves, Newsha Zargaran, and Jacqueline Foley for your continued guidance and support. Thank you, also, to our partner organizations and institutions for your unwavering trust in our processes and team. We could not do what we do without you, and we feel very fortunate to work with such passionate, kind, and driven people and organizations.

And finally, thank you to our amazing Griffith Group team. We asked our team to share what their favourite part of working at Griffith Group was, and the answers ranged from the work that we do (“Supporting Not-for-Profits secure effective, inspirational leadership”), to our values (“Ethical,” “Progressive,” “Conscientious,” “Compassionate”), to our senior leaders’ leadership style (“the mentorship and support to expand my career as my strengths and interests grow”), the most common response, hands-down, came down to one line: the best team ever.

In celebration, we are happy to introduce our new company tagline that we feel now perfectly captures the Griffith Group Executive Search experience: International Reach. Proven Expertise. Boutique Service. 

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